Nuestra  "calidad"

Project Overview

The art~documentary will result with a collection of 16 or more family portraits that represent the social structure of the colonial “calidad” as it exist today.  The effort is to reveal the footprint of the colonial structure within our contemporary world.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay

Contemporary Casta Portraiture: Nuestra "Calidad"

The project, as a series of sixteen family portraits, will use the same aesthetics formulated by the Mexican Casta Painting tradition, where both the mother and the father are represented with their children.  However, rather than using a literal definitions for the ethnic identity such as mulatto or mestizo, the ethinic identity will be represented by the family's own history or with a DNA Genograpahic Study of the mother and father’s global ancestral migration.

1993 Sagrado Corazon Collotype Series

My past artwork can be reviewed on the website  

2006 of Women Boxers,   2008 Sed: Trail of Thirst,   2006 La Llorona in Lillith’s Garden.  1993 Sagrado Corazon